The Right Solution


Inspired to make a difference everywhere, we have formed strong relationships with customers in all major industries, including pharmaceutical, automotive, fulfilment, computers/electronics, catalog and mail order, furniture, on-line retail, household products, books and publishing, moving and storage, cosmetics… and the list keeps on growing.

With such a diverse list of clients, we make sure to listen to your needs and make proposals that take into consideration savings and opportunities beyond the initial scope of the challenge. That’s how Polyair helps you feel protected.

Polyair works with moving and storage customers to address:

  • Damages and returns
  • Rising shipping and postage costs
  • Inefficient multi-staged packaging processes
  • Redundant packaging material
  • Lack of warehousing and inventory space
  • Customer complaints and confidence
  • Temperature and humidity control
  • Effective product identification
  • Product Integrity
  • Effective truck cubing

  • What are your goals and challenges? What’s working well and what can get even better? At Polyair we ask a lot of questions. It’s in our nature and the backbone of all our customer relationships. That’s just good business.

    That’s feeling protected.