Green Tint Bubble


Polyair Emerald is a green tint polyethylene bubble that is acceptable for Store Drop-Off recycling programs. Utilizing over 15% less resin than our standard DurabubbleRP, this wrap offers high quality protection at an economical price and with less environmental impact. Polyair Emerald’s green color makes it easily identifiable when compared to other traditional bubble products, and it stands out as an excellent choice for the environmentally conscious who are not willing compromise on quality.


  • 100% Polyethylene– Product is recyclable because it does not contain nylon
  • Reduced Plastic Content – Fewer natural resources used in production
  • Unique Green Color – Delivers a “green message” and
    provides translucency
  • Excellent Air Retention – Reliable protection through short
    cycle shipments
  • Tacky Film Surface – Product does not move or slide during
    packing / shipping