High Volume Paper Void Fill Dispenser


The Polyair® X-Fill™ Pro system is designed for high-volume void fill applications. Its speed of 415’/minute combined with 30” wide bundles keeps up with the most demanding void fill requirements. X-Fill Pro is one of the most reliable and trouble-free void fill systems on the market and comes with a range of customized heights and angles to handle even the most challenging packaging environments.


  • INCREASED UPTIME – Anti-jamming paper output and easy-to-load paper bundles virtually eliminate downtime
  • QUICK – Variable speed output with top speed of 415’/minute
  • HIGHER YIELD – 3D shaped paper provides increased void fill efficiency
  • ECONOMICAL – Auto Repeat mode & Length Selection mode controls paper usage
  • EASY-TO-USE – Foot switch and auto-cut provide hands-free operation
  • VERSATILE – 4 programming modes enable variable option use
  • SUSTAINABLE – Paper is made from 70-100% post-consumer recycled paper content