Paper Cushioning System


The Polyair® X-Pad™ Paper Cushioning System has a revolutionary small footprint and rapid throughput. Paper speeds run at approximately 180 feet/minute. It is equipped with four modes of control and features a large touch screen for simple operation. It is ergonomically designed to easily adjust the angle of the paper output. The X-Pad comes in two highly productive configurations: a floor model and a table model. Both can be used with various paper basis weights, one ply and two ply. The table side stand has a unique design that maximizes workstation space. The X-Pad™ paper bundle design allows for incredibly fast paper loading.


  • INCREASED UPTIME – Anti-jamming technology and easy loading improves pack station uptime
  • QUICK PROCESS – Rapid throughput speed of 180 ft/min
  • QUICK FEED – Fanfold paper vs rolls, stacks and feeds much faster
  • PERFORMANCE – Center stitching keeps pads from unfolding
  • COMPACT – Smallest footprint and lightest in industry
  • VERSATILE – Floor or table side models adapt to any warehouse setup
  • EASY-TO-USE – User-friendly interface with large touch screen
  • ERGONOMIC – Easy head angle adjustment; chest-high paper feed
  • ADAPTABLE – Variable speeds and four modes of operation